You can create an ticket by sending an email.

  1. Access your email
  2. Write email
  3. Send to

Expected result
When sending the email, it will automatically be created one ticket in 
AgiDesk and the user will receive an email informing the ticket has been opened.

When using the email to create a ticket, please note that it will be given a low priority. If the user wishes to change the priority it is necessary to access the website and change the priority.

If the ticket is urgent or very urgent, there is a way to change the priority as explained in the section "Smart Text".                             
Smart Text
                    The intelligent text consists of a set of words that automatically characterize the request.
To use smart text the user must write the following words in the email.

Smart text to write ...
... to get an ticket with ...
Very urgent
Priority: Urgent
UrgentPriority: High

Important: Finantech is constantly open and communicating with the customer in order to evolve. In this sense, we ask that you contact us whenever you have suggestions for Smart Text. You can do this using AgiDesk.

Troubleshoot issues
If an error message appears for which you cannot find a solution through this manual, you should contact Finantech's ServiceDesk.

This document contains information and concepts resulting from research by Finantech - Sistemas de Informação, S.A., which must be kept confidential. Reproduction is strictly prohibited.