Explanation of terms used

Ticket types
Type of request registered to deal with an unplanned interruption or a reduction in the quality of a service to which the user normally already has access, whose management and resolution restores the service to its normal levels.

As an example of incidents we can have:

  • An application that doesn't work or a map that can't be printed;
  • A process that has a wrong result or an unavailable communication interface;
  • An error in recording an operation;
  • Wrong calculation of an interest.

The registration of this type of order by the CLIENT aims to:

  • Obtaining information, advice or a standard change - defined as a pre-approved, low-risk change and carried out through a standardized procedure;
  • Access to a service - that is, something new to which the CLIENT's user does not yet have access.

Examples of tasks are the following requests:

  • Explain how to use a feature;
  • Provide access to a menu option;
  • Request to change a configuration to the application to change its behavior;
  • Request the elaboration of a query to obtain certain information.

New features
This type of order can be used by the CLIENT to request the development of new features in the SOFTWARE. Its resolution is considered in the SLA statistics but is not subject to service levels.
A new functionality can also be registered following the analysis of a different request (Incident, Task or Alert).

The alerts will be for those who have Finantech's monitoring service, and aims to record all alerts that arise through this service.